How can I order Fay + Belle rugs?

To give you the attention and service you expect, Fay + Belle rugs is sold exclusively through interior designers, authorized rugs stores, and showrooms around the world. To find the designer nearest you, visit our Where to Buy page.

Is it possible to purchase Fay + Belle products online?

Fay + Belle Rugs are only sold through fine designers and authorized showrooms. A complete listing of designers in your area can be found by clicking on Where to Buy.

I would like to know the prices of the pieces I am considering buying. Do you have a price list online?

Fay + Belle sells only to authorized designers and showrooms. You will need to contact the designer closest to you for this information. To see a complete listing of designers in your area, click on Where to Buy. If you’re a designer or showroom interested in carrying our rugs, please click Become a Dealer.

Who should I contact to determine the status of my Fay + Belle rug order?

Please contact the Fay + Belle designer that ordered your rugs for you. Your designer can provide you with information regarding the status of your order. Be assured that your designer has real-time access to information from Fay + Belle regarding the shipping and delivery of your order.

When will my Fay + Belle rug be delivered?

Your local designer will provide an estimated delivery date once you place your rug order. As your estimated delivery date approaches, be in touch with your local designer for more specific delivery information.

Why might it take weeks or months to receive my Fay + Belle rug order?

While our Quick Ship inventory can be shipped immediately, custom rug orders will vary by selection. Here are several reasons why:

Personalized Product: When you purchase Fay + Belle rugs, you may be choosing from a large selection of patterns, sizes, colors, and fibers. This personalization requires additional time to produce and deliver.


Production Time: If you order a rug that is not within our Quick Ship inventory, your designer will need time to place your custom order and Fay + Belle will need time to make the area rug for you.

Can I get a catalog of Fay + Belle rugs?

We do not have a Fay + Belle catalog, but our collection is available for viewing at

What are the irregularities in texture and dye tone I have noticed on my Fay + Belle overdyed rug?

Our vintage patchwork and overdyed rugs are fully unique. Each rug will take the dye differently with variation in color and pattern being part of its authentic charm and adventurous spirit.

Our custom rugs are made from natural fibers, including wool and silks, so slight color variation is possible as the dye may take differently to each fiber. An abrashing technique ensures that color variation is distributed evenly in a natural heathered look. Abrash is a distinctive quality found in high-end, finely hand-crafted, natural rugs.

Will my Fay + Belle rug change color or fade over time?

Natural fading is possible, including discoloration from the sun and slight dye changes. We recommend rotating the rug frequently to avoid sun spotting, and using a rug pad to protect floors from possible dye transfer.

What kind of pad should I purchase for my Fay + Belle rug?

To increase the rug’s longevity, protect your flooring, and secure the rug in place we recommend purchasing a rug pad. Thinner pads work best with vintage rugs, while thicker felt pads are recommended for our custom collection of rugs.

What is the best way to care for my Fay + Belle rug?

For large spills and intricate spot cleaning, we recommend using a professional cleaning company for all Fay + Belle rugs. For everyday cleaning and maintenance, delicate vacuuming is considered safe on all Fay + Belle items. For at-home spot treatment, our natural wool and linen fibers clean best with cool water and non-abrasive soap. For silk rugs, professional spot cleaning is always recommended.

Who should I contact with concerns or questions about my Fay + Belle rug?

Your Fay + Belle designer should be the first person you approach with these questions or concerns. They are knowledgeable about Fay + Belle area rugs and their closeness to you allows them to service your needs most effectively. Fay + Belle supports and assists its designers in many ways to give you the quality of product and service you expect.

My local Fay + Belle designer has not resolved my concern. What should I do next?

If your local designer is no longer an authorized Fay + Belle designer or if you have been unable to achieve satisfaction with your dealer’s help, please Contact Us directly and we will be happy to assist you.

The Fay + Belle rug I ordered arrived with damage. What should I do next?

Please contact the Fay + Belle designer that ordered your rugs for you. The designer will identify the cause of the problem and determine the course of corrective action

What is the warranty on my Fay + Belle rugs?

While your Fay + Belle rug does not come with a warranty, rest assured are committed to customer satisfaction.

How do I find tips for caring for my Fay + Belle rugs?

Tips to help you care for your Fay + Belle rugs are available HERE.

What Materials are Vintage Rugs Made From?

Oushak Rugs: Made from 100% wool.

Overdyed Rugs: Made with a knot pile that is 100% wool. The warp and weft is 100% cotton (including fringe on some) and the edge stitching, whether by hand or by machine, is made from a 100% polyester thread.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs: Our patchwork collection is created from rug remnants that are cut and sewn together. These rugs follow the material and make of our overdyed rugs, but are also then secured with a fabric backing for extra stability.

Sizing & Dimensions

It is common for vintage rugs to come in smaller sizes or with semi-irregular dimensions. If you’re looking for a larger vintage rug, or a vintage rug in a specific color or pattern, we can accommodate your search. Please reach out to us with specific requests so that we can be on the look-out for your one-of-a-kind rug.