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Our Rugs

Our plush custom collection from Nepal is hand-loomed with wool and silk blends from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. The material quality and customization is what sets these rugs a part. Our custom rugs can be fully personalized in every way, from size, to materials, to colors, and even pattern.

Custom Rug Design Process

Custom Patterned Handknot Rugs:

Custom Solid Handknot Rugs:

Custom Patchwork Rugs:

For effortless ordering, we offer a variety of popular pre-designed patterns with pre-established color palettes. For a fully custom pattern, Fay + Belle makes it possible for you to Design Your Own Art.

Our rugs come in twelve natural wool shades, or can be customized into any color on the ARS coloring system scale.

Custom sizing and coloring can be applied to our vintage Turkish rug collections as well. This tailor-made look gives you all of the beloved character of a vintage piece, while accommodating the specific dimension and design needed for your project.

No matter your material – wool, silk linen, etc. – no color is off limits! To maintain color accuracy and reliability we rely on the ARS coloring system, a color-reference language that is used throughout the world.  Designers can select from thousands of pom coordinates to determine a desired hue.

All Fay + Belle handknot rugs are available in standard sizes, and can be made to fit custom shapes and dimensions whenever needed.

Once you’ve submitted your rug request, our Fay + Belle rug designer will provide a rendering within 24-48 hours. At this time, you’ll be asked to also submit your weave type, knot count, pile height, and finish. Once everything has been approved by you or your client, the order is sent to Nepal to begin production.

If you’re looking to achieve a fully custom rug based on a drawing or inspiration photo, we can make this happen! Nothing is off limits when it comes to designing a fully personalized rug from Fay + Belle.