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Our Handknot Rugs

Our custom collection is sourced from Nepal and made with the finest Tibetan wool and natural fiber materials. The creation process represents the finest rug craftsmanship using traditional weaving methods that have been practiced for centuries. We make it easy for you to achieve a quality area rug that is fully personalized for your client – from size, to materials, to colors, and even pattern.

Custom Distinctions

Our custom handcrafted rugs come directly from Nepal, where master weavers hand knot each rug carefully with traditional knot styles that leave a tufted pile and generate an elaborately soft and plush surface. All of our custom rugs are woven with knots that are very close together to provide durability and lasting value. All custom Fay + Belle rugs can be fully personalized with the following selections:

Custom Rug Design Process

Custom Patterned Handknot Rugs:

Custom Solid Handknot Rugs:

Custom Patchwork Rugs:

For effortless ordering, we offer a variety of popular pre-designed patterns with pre-established color palettes. For a fully custom pattern, Fay + Belle makes it possible for you to Design Your Own Art.

Our rugs come in twelve natural wool shades, or can be customized into any color on the ARS coloring system scale.

Custom sizing and coloring can be applied to our vintage Turkish rug collections as well. This tailor-made look gives you all of the beloved character of a vintage piece, while accommodating the specific dimension and design needed for your project.

No matter your material – wool, silk linen, etc. – no color is off limits! To maintain color accuracy and reliability we rely on the ARS coloring system, a color-reference language that is used throughout the world.  Designers can select from thousands of pom coordinates to determine a desired hue.

All Fay + Belle handknot rugs are available in standard sizes, and can be made to fit custom shapes and dimensions whenever needed.

Submit Your Selections

Once you’ve submitted your rug request, our Fay + Belle rug designer will provide a rendering within 24-48 hours. At this time, you’ll be asked to also submit your weave type, knot count, pile height, and finish. Once everything has been approved by you or your client, the order is sent to Nepal to begin production.

Design Your Own Art

If you’re looking to achieve a fully custom rug based on a drawing or inspiration photo, we can make this happen! Nothing is off limits when it comes to designing a fully personalized rug from Fay + Belle.

Make & Quality


Wool – Made from the finest Tibetan wool from the Himalayan Mountains

Silk – Lustrous fiber collected from chinese silkworm cocoons

Bamboo Silk – Artificial silk made from bamboo viscose

Wool & Silk Blend – Any combination of wool and silk

LinenMade from cellulose fibers that grow inside the stalks of flax plants
Natural Wool – Sheared straight off the sheep in its natural state

Nettle – A cotton alternative with natural insulating properties and harvested from stinging nettle plants

Weave Type:

A rug is only as good as its foundation, which is why all of our rugs are crossed-woven for lasting value. Crossed weaving ensures that each row of knots will lock into place. This happens when the loomer pulls alternate rows of warps forward on the loom before pounding each knot down securely. This process is not only difficult and time-consuming, but also expensive. However, creating an interlocked foundation is the only time-tested way to create a rug that will last generations.

Fiber Content:

Fiber content is indicated by the amount and ratio of materials used in the making of the rug. Blending materials is common – for instance, blended fiber content could indicate 50% wool and 50% silk or some other combination.

Design & Scale:

Our custom rugs can be adjusted in scale for pre-existing styles, or fully customized by design.

Knot Count:

40, 60, 80, 100, 150
Knot count defines the number of individual knots within a square inch of a handmade rug. Your knot count determines the density of the rug pile. Greater design detail is made possible through a higher knot count while also providing a finer rug texture than that of a lower knot count. For quality and value, we recommend using a knot count of 100.

Pile Height:

The pile height is determined by the density of fibers used in the making of your rug. A flat weave rug has a low pile height while a shaggy rug will have a high pile height.


Finish refers to color variation or striation within a hand knotted rug that’s created by a gradient of whatever color is used.


Our Fay + Belle rug designer can help you choose from over 3,000 pom coordinates within the ARS color system.


Because Fay + Belle rugs are hand-loomed by artisan weavers, custom sizing is limited by the weaving width of the loom. We offer a maximum of 33 feet for hand-knot rugs and 25 feet for flat weave options.