Fay + Belle


Our Rugs

Fay + Belle is a collection of artisanal rugs curated from around the world on a journey to bring warmth and comfort to the places you call home. Our rugs become the storytellers in your lives; rich in history and bespoke with hospitality.


Fay + Belle carries two distinct types of rugs that are sold exclusively through interior designers and showrooms: Our vintage collection of curated overdyed, patchwork, and oushak rugs; and our custom handknot collection of tailor-made area rugs from quality natural fibers.


Vintage Rugs

Our vintage line of overdyed, patchwork, and oushak rugs cater to the adventurous spirit and wanderlust companion. These are authentic trend-setting pieces that weave together old with new. Through our various treatment processes, we are able to breathe new life into each Fay + Belle vintage piece. Though best defined by uniqueness, our vintage collection is also known for its attractive stitching, extreme durability, and quality wool material.

Handknot Rugs

Our custom handcrafted rugs come directly from Nepal, where master weavers hand knot each rug carefully with traditional knot styles that leave a tufted pile and generate an elaborately soft and plush surface. Made from quality Tibetan wool and natural fiber materials, our bespoke collection represents the finest rug craftsmanship in the world.

About Our Production Process

Our custom collection is sourced from Nepal and made with the finest Tibetan wool and natural fiber materials.The creation process represents the finest rug craftsmanship in the world