About Fay + Belle


Our Rugs

Fay + Belle is a collection of artisanal rugs curated from around the world on a journey to bring warmth and comfort to the places you call home. Our rugs become the storytellers in your lives; rich in history and bespoke with hospitality – from our vintage line of area rugs to our custom and hand-crafted wool and silk rug collection.

Fay + Belle carries two types of rugs with distinct personalities, sold exclusively through interior designers and showrooms.

Vintage Overdyed Rugs

Our vintage overdyed collection is sourced in Turkey from existing wool rugs that are 20-60 years old. The overdyed process is authentic and special; each rescued rug is cleaned, bleached, overdyed, and cleaned again to secure the vibrant color saturation. Our overdyed collection will take you on a journey of adventure. No two rug is the same and each rug takes the dying process differently.

Vintage Oushak Rugs

Our Vintage Oushak Collection is authentic and timeless. Unlike our overdyed selections, Oushak rugs are left completely untreated. These rugs are named after their region of origin (Oshak, Turkey), though you’ll likely recognize each vintage Oushak by their gorgeous geometric patterns and central medallion motifs.

Vintage Specialty Rugs

Vintage rugs that take on a specialty treatment fall into this category. Common specialty treatments include carving or embossing. Typically, when a rug is created, it will be sheared to have an even pile height. Carving creates texture when specific design elements are trimmed or sheared to be lower than the original pile height. Embossing, on the other hand, is a treatment that’s incorporated into the weaving process to achieve a softer and more realistic pile height variation.

Vintage Patchwork Rugs

When only a portion of a vintage rug can be restored and rescued, we refurbish and reuse the quality remnants to create custom vintage patchwork rugs. Patchwork rugs can be created in any size or layout (herringbone, squares, bricks, triangles, etc.), as well as in any style treatment, including overdyed, oushak, and specialty.

Vintage Details & Tips

What Materials are Vintage Rugs Made From?

Oushak Rugs: Made from 100% wool.

Overdyed Rugs: Made with a knot pile that is 100% wool. The warp and weft is 100% cotton (including fringe on some) and the edge stitching, whether by hand or by machine, is made from a 100% polyester thread.

Overdyed Patchwork Rugs: Our patchwork collection is created from rug remnants that are cut and sewn together. These rugs follow the material and make of our overdyed rugs, but are also then secured with a fabric backing for extra stability.

Sizing & Dimensions

It is common for vintage rugs to come in smaller sizes or with semi-irregular dimensions. If you’re looking for a larger vintage rug, or a vintage rug in a specific color or pattern, we can accommodate your search. Please reach out to us with specific requests so that we can be on the look-out for your one-of-a-kind rug.