About Fay + Belle


Our Story

I have spent a lot of time traveling the world to find the best materials and makers of unique rugs; and I have found immense beauty in the search. This journey is one that has taken me around the globe to vibrant communities full of welcome and inspiration.

I launched Fay + Belle in 2016 to bring this spirit of hospitality back home; and to connect authentically talented global artisans with the interior designer community I call friends. Fay + Belle’s collection of carefully curated rugs are sold exclusively through interior designers and showrooms who are equally as passionate about the handcrafted and refined qualities in the rugs we create and source.

Every Fay + Belle rug tells a story that’s rich in history and bespoke with hospitality. My hope is that our curated collection of vintage and custom hand-knotted rugs bring warmth and comfort to all the places you call home.

Our Roots

My great-grandparents, Fay Hazen-Ferris and Cora Belle DeBerry, are the namesake for my company. They owned a small hotel that was the epitome of hospitality –to locals, travelers, wanderers, and storytellers alike.

There’s a special nostalgia for me in the stories that have been passed down about the “old hotel.” My great-grandfather Fay was known by his generosity – from offering free lodging when a room was going unused, to providing the evening’s kitchen leftovers to the less fortunate. Cora Belle exuded warmth and ease, and was admired by the town for her impeccable fashion. Her care for presentation extended to the hotel, where she made sure rooms were tidy and pillows were fluffed for every arriving guest.

Fay and Cora Belle left a legacy of welcome and kindness to everyone they met; and I hope to imbue each of our rugs with a piece of that spirit.