Our Story

We love to travel.
We love our homes.
And we love beautiful things.

So it’s not such a mystery how our great grandparents’ namesake rug shop was formed.

It all started with Kate and her travels to Nepal, India, and Turkey. Before long she’d collected a whole stack of vintage rugs.

Along came Kaley, a fashionista stepping away from corporate life. She offered to partner up on all things area rugs, and voila! Our little rug shop was born.

We’re here for you, sister. We’ve been choosing the best of the rugs we source from around the globe.

Everything is vintage or handmade by global artisans.

And if that’s not enough, we make custom rugs for interior designers too!

- Kate + kaley

Shop Rugs

Kate Ohara Fay And Belle
Kaley Budnik Fay And Belle
Fay And Belle Rugs Kate Ohara Kaley Budnik
Kaley Budnik Trave
Kate Ohara Fay And Belle Rugs
Fay And Belle Rugs Dining Room
Nepal Travel Kate Ohara
Fay And Belle Dining Room Rug
Shop Rugs Fay And Belle
Custom Rugs Fay And Belle
Foyer Runner Fay And Belle Rugs
Kids Bedroom Custom Rug
Fay And Belle Rugs Dog
Fay And Belle Rug Childrens Room

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