Pink Whisper Area Rug


Like a walk through a leafy forest in a quiet dream, this pattern is atmospheric and inviting. Beautiful in any space, our Whisper pattern and can feel as formal as it can casual, depending on the materials used.

These custom handcrafted rugs come directly from the master weavers of Nepal today. Each rug is carefully hand knotted with traditional knot styles that leave a tufted pile and generate an elaborately soft and plush surface. These fine quality, oriental rugs are woven with knots very close together, giving the rug more durability and lasting value. All Nepalese rugs are fully customizable and available to order.


The sky’s the limit. Send us a paint color or photos, and our team will help you land on the right combo!


We recommend wool for all of our rugs. Or you can consider a silk blend for some extra luxury.

Knot Count & Type

Our standard specialty rug is a 100 knot count, cut pile. We can increase or decrease your knot count, and we have other knot types available if you would like to know more!


We can create a rug in any size, standard or otherwise.

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